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Change dynamics
Business value creation and expansion processes are likely to be associated with substantial changes of strategic direction and frequently have a strong impact on existing corporate resources and organizational infrastructure. Particularly at early stage ventures where the founders still determine the essential course of the company such projects can lead to serious anxiety, as management finds it hard to leverage initial success and scale up operations. As these processes aim to propel organizations into a next phase in their life cycle they are likely to involve change management competencies which usually require different expertise than available with existing entrepreneurial teams. Such transformations are often accompanied by corporate finance transactions. First challenges management faces during these periods are a lack of experience and capacity to manage complex transformation, next to insufficient in-depth transaction expertise. Beyond this, there is the burden of having to run such projects in parallel to the responsibilities of day-today management.

Value added
Helius tailor-made approach resolves these challenges by offering required complementary skills, e.g. business value acceleration and strategy development, transaction structuring and actual implementation assistance. During such processes Helius acts on behalf of management as its sparring-partner, advisor, task force leader and catalyst. Our primary responsibility is to bring the value creation straight to the companies’ bottom line. Our success is measured by the ability of our clients to retain similar levels of business agility which determined the corporate profile in pre-transformation times. Helius offers an integrated service covering elements of strategy and financial advisory, investment management and direct business development. Our transformation approach is designed on our own methods and based on an assessment of your specific situation. The mix of functional expertise involved varies during the course of the transformation process. Hence we only work with experienced professionals who are able to draw on expertise. Much attention is paid to "soft & non-core" activities which truly determine a change process success: Helius often plays a key role in aligning stakeholders such as management, shareholders and financiers.

Positioning Helius Ventures
Helius is not an investment bank nor a consultancy firm. In its value proposition it fills the gap between the functional analysis focus of management consultancies and corporate finance advisories and the transaction based focus of investment banks. Consultancies are usually not involved in strategy implementation as they concentrate on “designing value”. Investment banks operate as gateways to capital markets, and thereby “capture value”. The essence of “building company value” is left to management. Especially in early stage companies with significant changes on the radar, having an inhouse sparring partner can deliver substantial value added as well as immediate relief to management as in times of change they do not stand alone but have an extra pair of hands on board.


Sharing risk
Value creation or expansion partnerships are only sustainable when the both partners share in the risks and success of the venture. Therefore, the commitment of Helius Ventures to deliver measurable results is reflected by our remuneration models which often are performance-based and can translate into equity-linked structures. Next to this, Helius directly investing in our clients by f.e. participating in a Management Buy-Out or Buy-In or providing early stage or growth capital in companies where we fulfill an active role in business development.

This is also a reflection of how Helius Ventures looks at the dynamics at our client base. With an integrated service offering and through an entrepreneurial commitment to results we assist our clients in navigating the challenges ahead. We're convinced of our strong capabilities but we are willing to accept downsize risk that is present at real-time execution.


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