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Historic reflections on Helius

In ancient times, Helius, the God of the Sun, daily brought light and warmth to the world. Every morning he lead his chariot, carried by four winged horses, across the sky, therefore his eye was considered everywhere, and his responsibility was labor every day. His chariot always had to follow the pre-described path across the sky, otherwise a terrible danger would threaten the earth. One day, his son, Phaeton, intended to bring light and warmth, similar to his father and borrowed his chariot. However, he found that he could not control the untamed horses and whenever the chariot dipped too near the earth the flames destroyed everything and at other times, he rushed so far away that the earth and sea froze over. The Earth, unable to bear the agony, asked Zeus to intervene, who struck the chariot with a thunderbolt, whereby Phaeton was killed.

This is a true reflection of our view on growth, experience and risk. At Helius we take an active role in building company value, whereby we foster an enterpreneurial perception of risk in our assessment of new opportunities.



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